Get the stories of women who stopped their masturbation addiction

n2Women become addicted to masturbation. The illness is usually seen as one that afflicts men exclusively. But this is just not the case. Women have sexual desires and the need to gratify them. This leads many—many more than is commonly thought—to get their sexual relief through masturbation.

A prolonged period of such behavior can lead to a state of unhealthiness. If you find yourself unable to be aroused or sexually gratified through normal intercourse of any kind, including oral, then you may be suffering from masturbation addiction. If you masturbate in public places or when in the homes of friends and family, then you definitely have a problem.

But there are women who stopped their masturbation addiction. They have overcome their problem and gone on to live healthy and meaningful lives.

Your addiction to pornography has consumed your life. The good news is that it is possible to bounce back, to get your life back in order and leave this self-abusive life behind. Where to go to start your recovery? The fact that you have come to this site and are reading these words is an indication that you have some sense of your problem. It is a bold and important first step towards getting your problem with masturbation resolved. Acknowledging it, admitting that you need help with your addiction is not a sign of weakness. It is very much a sign of strength. It shows that you are neither blind to the effects of your dependence nor are you afraid of confronting the problem head on.

Your attitude towards the disease that has caused you so much trouble is the most important one. You will no doubt meet with judgmental and ill-informed opinion about your illness. A good deal of public perception concerning masturbation addiction oversimplifies the nature of the disease. Most people indulge in inappropriate moralizing about it, which does not provide the kind of environment that is conducive to successfully treating it. Fortunately, those who love and care for you will be able to provide the all-important support base you will need to get through the treatment successfully.

Professional treatment is the answer. You want to work with physicians and staff who are dedicated to treating you humanely, who see you as a whole person with all the relations and complexities which that entails; you will work with specialists who are competent, compassionate, and interested in giving you the tools to defeat your addiction, so that you can make yourself healthy and put yourself back on the path of living a fully satisfying and fulfilling life.

Your first step in acknowledging the fact that you have a problem should be followed by the further step of getting the right help to help you deal with it. Professionals specializing in masturbation addiction have extensive experience in dealing with this malady, and they have expertise in helping persons such as you to not only deal with the particulars of the addiction, but of re-forging and re-constructing the life that has been shattered because of it.

Are you trying to free yourself from masturbation addiction? Do you need help and support. Meet women who stopped their masturbation addiction and get the advice you need.

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